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Defining what a brand is

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A new way of thinking about your brand

In this episode, I help you understand what the true definition of the word “brand.” Depending on who you ask, the definition of branding will vary from person to person. And if you’re a church, it’s never been more important that you understand what a brand is, and how it goes far beyond your logo and website. I give you an example of how Radio Shack missed the mark on defining their brand, and I help you make it easier to measure how well your brand is doing.


the big ideas from this episode


Your logo isn't your brand

Your logo is only a part of your brand. There are five components to every brand, and your brand visuals are only one part.


Intentions have to match actions

Radio Shack died trying to redefine themselves with a name, but they weren't willing to change the brand experience.


Perceptions matter

What your audience is saying about you defines who your brand is and what they are telling others about you.


Feedback matters

No one loves hearing negative feedback, but if you know what people are saying, you can leverage that to your advantage.

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