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Culture is king

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There's no grace for a crappy culture

We’ve heard it said that content is king but in this episode, I talk about why culture is king for your church brand. Culture is a big deal for your brand. People can forgive a bad logo, but there’s no grace for a crappy culture. Culture is being shaped by every decision that you make, and it’s creating the conversations that are being had about your church. I present the idea that your brand culture is built internally first and challenge you to invest in building advocates, not just invest in advertising.


the big ideas from this episode


The rules have changed

What worked a decade ago won't keep cutting it anymore when it comes to building your brand.


It's the little things

Every single decision you make is shaping the behaviors and beliefs in your staff and congregation.


Values aren't your culture

Culture is something you live, not something you say or put on a piece of paper or page on your website.


Branding starts internally

Building internal brand advocates will always trump external advertising campaigns.

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