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Building a brand on promises, not hype

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if you communicate it – they expect it

What would change for your church brand’s messaging if you could only communicate what is true? What if you couldn’t build your marketing around hype and aspiration? In this episode, I talk about a lesson on branding that I learned early on in my marriage. The lesson I learned has changed everything for me, and the way I view what a brand is and the relationship it has with an audience. As we look at rule number two for building a brilliant brand, you’ll start to see that what you communicate to your audience – they expect.


the big ideas from this episode


branding and marriage

The same rules for building a great relationship apply to building a great connection between your church brand and your audience.


communicate less, do more

Your better off building a brand that doesn't promise everything, but what it does promise; it delivers on.


glimpses aren't enough

It's not enough to build your brand on glimpses of greatness, and you can't get away with communicating what people can experience only sometimes.


like it or not

You don't get to tell the story that you think is true for your brand. The story is defined by what you do, or do not, deliver on.

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