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Rethinking Creativity

Interview with Jonathan Malm

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A new way of thinking about creativity for your brand

Most people either think they are creative, or they think they aren’t. And people tend to think that if it’s clever, it must be creative. But in this episode, I talked with Jonathan Malm about what creativity really is. Jonathan and I talked about the role creativity in the church, what really makes someone creative, and creative ways to think about the communication for your church brand. The conversation was sparked by his new book, The Hidden Option, which is all about using creativity to solve life’s issues.


the big ideas from this episode


Everyone is creative

Creativity is about solving problems, not just about being clever.


Your limitation is your opportunity

Limitations force you to innovate and find solutions you wouldn't have found otherwise.


Clever doesn't make it creative

Sometimes we're complicating our promotions by being more clever than we are clear.


Marketing isn't about converting

Great messaging allows people to find the answers themselves.

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