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Building a brand on help, not hype

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A better way to promote your church

In this episode, I unpack rule number three for building a brilliant church brand from my book, Rebel Brands. I talk about what kind of brand awareness your church should be building and the difference between building a brand on hype over help. I talk about the trap that churches and big brands fall into when it comes to promoting their brand, and the danger we face of covering up our purpose with hype.


the big ideas from this episode


Amazing isn't enough

Telling people that something will be amazing isn't going to convince them.


Promote purpose

When our promotions are built on hype, our purpose takes a backseat.


Start what you can sustain

Building on hype forces you to sustain an experience that will drain your resources


Value defined by more

The value isn't in adding more features, more things; the value is in being a source of help for people.

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