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Leading Change

Interview with Tyler Reagin

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Model what you teach

In this episode, I talk about what it’s like to inherit a brand and lead change with Tyler Reagin, President of Catalyst. Catalyst is a community of changemakers that uses live events, a weekly podcast, digital resources, and a community-building app to leans into leaders who are seeking to create courageous change in the world. Over 100,000 leaders from around the world connect to Catalyst.

Tyler and I talk about how he navigated making changes in well-respected organization, the filters he used to determine the priority in which he made the changes, and the critical decisions that he made to build a culture that modeled the leadership that they were inspiring others to live out.

Before leading the charge at Catalyst, Tyler served for seven years under the leadership of Andy Stanley as the Service Programming Director of Browns Bridge Community Church (a campus of North Point Ministries).


the big ideas from this episode


Consume your own product

You can't just talk about leadership and not lead well


Culture isn't short-term

You can't just talk about culture four times a year


Honor the past

You have to honor the past, but not be crippled by the past


Lead with gratitude

No matter who you are, someone has paved the way for you

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