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The problem with using vision to build your brand

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Rethinking the priority of vision

You’ve heard these words before, “It’s just not our vision.” Those infamous words have become a staple metric for how organizations decide what the right strategic move is for their church. But in this episode, I challenge your thoughts on the priority that vision should, or should not, have when it comes to building your brand. I’ll unpack the four problems that are a result of leading with vision, and not with promises kept. And I’ll give you a real brand example with how Amazon accomplishes vision one right decision at a time.


the big ideas from this episode


Promises kept trump vision

A big vision without follow through is just a lofty dream. You must build on promises kept.


Vision still matters

Vision is important, but it doesn't have the power to accomplish without action.


Lofty or generic

When vision is too lofty, or too generic, you have no belief and no accountability.


Not everyone can keep up

Most of the executors of your vision just need slices, not the whole vision.

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